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Manufacturers of Blast Furnace Bricks,
Gas Retorts, and Fire Bricks,

Brettell Estate Fireclay Works.

The Brettell Estate Works, now owned by Messrs. Trotter, Haines and Corbett, Limited, Brettell Lane, were originally established in 1852 by Messrs. Emanuel Baker and Company; Mr. E. S. Haines being a general manager. They were succeeded in 1869 by Messrs. Trotter, Haines and Corbett. In 1900 the firm was converted into a limited liability company, with Mr. Edward S. Haines as managing director.

As has already been pointed out, the excellence of the Stourbridge fireclay is known all the world over, and none other, were ever found, has been able to equal it for the manufacture of glass-house pots. It is found under the coal seams, in veins from three to five feet thick. The mines worked by Messrs. Trotter, Haines and Corbett limited, show four seams: the old mine, at a depth of about ninety yards, the new No.1 mine, one hundred and twenty five yards below the surface; and No.2 mine, twenty five yards below that. These yield clays particularly rich in silica.

The clay is gained in the same way as coal; when brought to the surface it is selected and then "weathered" for a very long period. Then naturally the action of the wind and weather disintegrates the clay, and when sufficiently weathered, it is ground and mixed in the tempering-tub, needed with water into a plastic state, and taken into the stoves were it is moulded into the various articles that are manufactured by this firm. After drying the bricks are taken to the kilns and the burning completes the process. It would be invidious to give to any particular firm the precedence in the quality of their manufacture, but utmost care is used by this firm in selecting only the best clay brought from the mines - for on this conscientious selection depends their reputation and their trade. Messrs. Trotter, Haines and Corbett, do a large and steady trade both at home and abroad, and more particularly with the various gas works in all parts.

The firm can press fireclay goods of any shape correct to any pattern.

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