The Industry & Railways of the South West Black Country




Brierley Hill.

One of the largest works in the county in the important and growing industry of the manufacture of decorative tiles is that of Messrs. Gibbons, Hinton and Company of Brierley Hill.

The highest pitch of perfection has been reached in all kinds of floor and wall tiles in every style of design and colouring. For the greater part of the renowned and unsurpassed clays of the Stourbridge district are used, but for the porcelain and earthenware tiles materials are imported from all parts of the kingdom, as well as from the Continent.

The productions of Messrs. Gibbons, Hinton and Company, in their endless variety of colour in body and glaze with the numberless shapes and sizes of the tiles, give one some faint idea of the difficulties which had to be overcome in the early days of these works.

The pavement tiles are of great hardness and durability, as well as splendid surfaces. The glazed and enamelled tiles are full of brilliancy and possess freedom from crazing, while beauty of design is a chief characteristic of the work done by the firm.

Mosaic has not been forgotten. This beautiful art is advancing rapidly, and a large new workshop has just been built for its further development.

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