January 1860
The G.W.R. Guide of 1860 indicated that there was an important siding at Stourbridge, noting that a 'branch' from the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway and the South Staffordshire Canal to the foundry and manufactory of Keep & Watkin afforded remarkable facilities for the transport of goods.
1 July 1860
4 May 1861
WEST MIDLAND RAILWAY amalgamation with G.W.R.
4 April 1864
Report on Working of Ashwood Incline, Shutt End Railway
12 November 1864
Worcester Carriage Works destroyed by fire (find article)
5 January 1867
LNWR Breaksman found guilty of theft at Wolverhampton
19 January 1867
Boatman charged with stealing coal at Stourbridge Gas Works
2 February 1867

Death at Dudley Engine Shed
Stealing iron from the Kingswinford Branch of the GWR

2 March 1867
Drunk found on railway at Brierley Hill
9 March 1867
Raybould & Westwood v. GWR - Cradley chains delivered without payment
16 March 1867
Riding on railway to Kidderminster without a ticket
Brierley Hill railway worker committed for stealing

6 April 1867

Report on full opening of Stourbridge Extension line to Birmingham
9 April 1867
Coming of age of William Henry Foster, eldest son of W. O. Foster, M.P.
27 April 1867
Extensive report on the celebrations for the coming of age of W. H. Foster
4 May 1867
Death of child on railway near Stourbridge
18 May 1867
G.W.R v. Woodall & Newey for the overloading of coal trucks
25 May 1867
Work begins on the Walsall and Wolverhampton Railway
North Staffordshire Railway drivers gain concessions from the company
Stealing iron from the Earl of Dudley's Railway
8 June 1867
Great increase in railway fares
Kidderminster Goods Clerk committed for trial for stealing a cheque
15 June 1867
Comment on the rise in railway fares
22 June 1867
Death on the Shutt End Railway
29 June 1867
Drunk at Round Oak station
10 August 1867
Railway companies to charge for the return of empties
17 August 1867
Old Hill brick manufacturer charged with evading railway dues
31 August 1867
Serious accident to Yard Foreman at Round Oak station
Railway worker accused of theft at Wribbenhall station
7 September 1867
Railway worker committed for trial for theft at Wribbenhall station
14 September 1867
Half Yearly Meeting of the Stourbridge Railway Company
GWR in court for none payment of Poor Rate
Letter to the Editor - Stourbridge Extension Line 50 years behind the time!
21 September 1867
Fatal accident at Dudley Port station on the LNWR
28 September 1867
GWR fails in prosecution for theft
Trespass on the railway
19 October 1867
Death on Earl of Dudley's Railway at Round Oak Canal Wharf
26 October 1867
Deputation to Directors of GWR about the state of Round Oak Station
2 November 1867

Thirty sheep killed on Earl of Dudley's line
GWR brought to court for failing to maintain fencing

11 November 1867
Death of Dudley guard in South Wales
16 November 1867
Collision at Smethwick Junction
Death of passenger at Wolverhampton
23 November 1867
Serious accident at Dudley Port between passenger and freight trains
14 December 1867
Inquest into accident at Dudley Port in which a passenger died
21 December 1867
Drunk causes disturbance at Stourbridge station
5 January 1868
Suspicious death of young woman at Round Oak
18 January 1868
Stealing of coal from Brettel Lane Station
25 January 1868
Woman injured in shunting accident at Stourbridge
8 February 1868
Serious accident on the Earl of Dudley's railway
15 February 1868
GWR sued for death of horse, in Oldswinford, caused by defective fencing
22 February 1868
Accident between luggage trains at Dudley Port
Young man trapped between buffers at Kidderminster
List of Black Country Iron Furnaces, constructed and in use.
29 February 1868
Letter to the Editor, re Profane swearing on the railways.
4 April 1868
16th Half Yearly Meeting of the Stourbridge Railway Company
18 April 1868
Diabolical attempt to upset a train near Kidderminster
6 February 1869

Large Order from Indian Railways for Wordsley Foundry
Meeting re the erection of a Goods Station at Rowley
Report on the state of the Iron Trade

13 February 1869

Rumour of peerage for William Orme Foster
Memorial prepared to support case for the erection of a Goods Station at Rowley

20 February 1869

Automatic removal of water from Coal Pit
Memorial to GWR for erection of Goods Station at Rowley
Drunk at Cradley Station

27 February 1869

New Coal Station at Far Forest, Bewdley
Letter to the Editor; re. Late Assault at Cradley Heath

6 March 1869

Special General Meeting of Stourbridge Railway Company

8 May 1869

Proposed Abandonment of Town Branch

29 May 1869

Board of Trade Inspector reports on Town Branch

12 June 1869

Accident at Cradley Heath

10 July 1869

Stourbridge Town Commissioners discuss Town Branch

17 July 1869

Letter to the Editor, re Train timetables
Terrific Explosion at Blakedown

14 August 1869

Annual Pensnett Choir visit to Rhyl

4 September 1869

Webb's Glassworks visit to Wolverhampton Art & Industry Exhibition

6 November 1869

Riding without a ticket

25 December 1869

Coal train derailment at Brierley Hill
Accident on the Stourbridge Incline
Shocking accident at Stourbridge Junction
The Cradley accident adjourned inquest