County Express

No. 137.] SATURDAY, 14th., AUGUST, 1869 [ PRICE ONE PENNY

Local Intelligence

THE PENSNETT CHOIR ANNUAL TRIP TO RHYL.— This annual excursion takes place on Monday next. Hitherto only one day has been allotted to the excursionists, but three days will be allowed to those who prefer. The Great Western Railway, as will be seen from the announcement, will run a special fast train at an early hour calling at intermediate stations between Kidderminster and Dudley at a very reasonable rate. On arriving there the Pensnett Choir are engaged to give a grand musical gala to be assisted by the brass and string bands of the district, at the town hall, and on the new pier Rhyl. On Monday we understand there will be a grand performance of Handel’s immortal work the oratorio “Messiah,” on the Rhyl pier at 3 o’clock by the Pensnett Choir, augmented by the leading members of the choral societies of the district, with full orchestral accompaniments. From the array to talent we may safely say that there is every probability of a magnificent rendering. From previous intelligent and graceful efforts of Miss Clara Wight in rendering “I know that my Redeemer liveth,” we assure our readers that anticipations of a brilliant order will be fully realised. The ever admired “Comfort Ye,” which every time it is rendered seems to give it renewed pathos, is to be entrusted to Mr. T. Box, a well know local vocalist. Mr. G. Mainwaring will give the bass recitative, “Why do the nations so furiously rage,” and his powerful notes always obtain well merited applause. Miss Heathcote will also figure in this programme. Mr. S. Smith will lead the band, Mr. G. E. Perry, the organist of Pensnett will preside at the harmonium, and Mr. Mainwaring with his usual abilities will conduct. On Tuesday morning concerts will be given at Llandudno, by the choir thus enabling tourists to see Conway, Llanrwst, Caernarvon, and the Menai Bridge, and have the pleasure of hearing a little harmony amidst the dens and caves of earth. On Wednesday morning a selection of music will be given on the pier, including various ballads, Welsh and English part songs and glees. The Pensnett Victoria Band will play on the pier on Monday and Wednesday evening. On Monday the excursionists will remain in Rhyl the whole of the day. Those who stay the three days will have an opportunity afforded to them of visiting Llandudno and its neighbourhood, as a special train will leave the former town for the latter on Tuesday morning. When at Llandudno, the Queens Hotel, a modern and commodious establishment, with its numerous sitting, spacious coffee and large drawing rooms, will be admired by those who may enter its walls. The cliff walk with its delightful pathways will meet with the admiration of all. Our Pensnett friends will not see in St. Tudno’s Church that pretty and attractive appearance, with its sloping and green dells, for which their own is celebrated, but must expect to meet with roughly hewn stones adorning its exterior and an ancient and traditionary appearance. Owing to its erection by the venerable saint to whom it is dedicated, History tells us that he erected his baptistery and altar after the custom of those days (the seventh century). Space will not permit us to enumerate severally the numerous objects of interests which abound in the locality of the purposed tour. We may just mention that there is a fine Telegraph Station on an eminence, the rural church of St. George’s, a imposing view of Snowdon from Capel Curig, the Britannia Tubular Bridge, Conway Bridge, Penrhyn Castle, Swallow Waterfall Capel, the church of Boedylwyddan, &c. We trust that the accustomed liberality of the gentleman who so kindly make the annual arrangements for this pleasant tour, will be acknowledged by a large number of the inhabitants of the district availing themselves of the trip. Should the weather here present a probability of showers, we feel sure that but few persons would take the slightest notice, but overlook the sight of the large chimneys and the flaming forge for that of the scenery presented in North Wales, and to share in the enjoyment of the occasion.