County Express

Vol. 1, No. 23 ] SATURDAY, 8th., JUNE, 1867 [ Price 1d.


"GREAT INCREASE OF RAILWAY FARES :- The London and North-Western, Great Western, Midland, and other great railway companies, have simultaneously made a great increase in the railway fares of the first and second class passengers taking return tickets. The increase dates from Saturday last, June 1, and amounts to about one-sixth of a single fare, or one-ninth of the sum hitherto charged for the double journey. Thus the fares between Birmingham and London, both by the London and North-Western and the Great Western, were, up to Saturday last, 20s. first class and 15s. second, for the single journey; 30s. and 22s.6d. for the return ticket. Henceforth the charge will be 33s.6d. first class, and 25s. second, for a double journey; the cost of a single ticket remaining unaltered. Thus, also - to take an example from the Midland Railway - the fares between Birmingham and Derby have hitherto been 7s.6d. first class, and 5s.6d. second, for the single journey; 11s.3d. first, and 8s.3d. second, for the return ticket. The charge henceforward will be 12s.6d. first, and 9s.8d. second, for the double journey; the single fare remaining, as before, untouched. The companies have at the same time greatly increased their charges for monthly tourists' tickets. They will require for the future the full return fare, and not only that, but some shillings in addition. To take a few examples - The ordinary return fares, between New Street Station and Rhyl are - first class, 28s.; second 22s. The ticket available for the month will cost 32s. first class and 25s. second. On the Midland line the double journey between Buxton and Birmingham ordinarily cost 21s. first class, 16s. second. The charge for the monthly tourists' ticket this year will be 24s.6d. first, 17s.6d. second. Tickets available for a month for the double journey between Dublin and Birmingham were issued last year for 30s. first class, and 20s. second - a few shillings more than a single fare; this year the charge will be 49s.6d. first, and 37s.6d. second class - the ordinary charge for the return ticket being only 42s. first, and 34s. second. The fares to Scotland and the Lake District are increased in the same way. The tourist ticket to Keswick from Birmingham will cost 61s. first, 44s. second; to Edinburgh, 94s., and 67s.6d. Third class travelling would enable poor people to evade these charges if the companies did not think it in their to every thing they can to discourage third-class travelling. Thus, while the charge for a tourists' ticket available for a month to and from Edinburgh is 67s.6d. the double journey - if it could be tolerably done third-class, would cost only 49s.6d. It can hardly be doubted that the increase of first and second class fares, and the obstacles placed in the way of third class travelling, will greatly discourage the movement of people to the seaside and elsewhere this year, and so long as the increased rates are maintained the railway companies may possibly be remunerated by the increased fares for the reduced number of passengers, but there is nothing to compensate the community for the great restraint upon its movements. Of course, the public must expect to pay for the concessions to the engine drivers and other employed on the railways, but they have not been prepared for so large an addition to the cost of travelling as the companies have thought it necessary to make."



Town Council Meeting."An ordinary monthly meeting of the Dudley Town Council was held on Tuesday morning....."
"......Mr. Whitmore addressed a letter to the Mayor, complaining of the general insufficiency of the railway accommodation, and the inconvenience arising from the discontinuance of the trains between Dudley, Kidderminster and Worcester..."



"COMMITTAL OF RAILWAY CLERK FOR ROBBERY :- At the Guildhall, on Monday, before Messrs. C.E.Jefferies (Mayor), G.Turton, S.Fawcett and S. Broom, Thomas Jones, a clerk at the goods station, was charged with stealing a cheque for £2-18s-9d., the property of the Great Western Railway Co. Mr.Bently prosecuted and Mr.Saunders defended. It was shown that a cheque for the above amount was sent by Messrs. Knight and Co., of Cookley, to the Railway Company at Kidderminster station on April 29th. Not being received by Mr.Tattersall, at the station (in whose office the prisoner was), he had some correspondence with Knight and Co. on the subject. On 25th. May prisoner gave Carter, a goods porter, the cheque in question, to get cashed in town, and this led to the fact becoming known to Mr.Tattersall, and proceedings being taken against the prisoner. The bench committed him for trial."