Worcester Herald


Stanley Colliery

On the banks of the River Severn, between Bewdley and Bridgenorth, six miles from the former, and eight from the latter.

To be permanteraly sold by Auction
By Mr.Bentley,

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the 12th., 13th., and 14th., day of January 1824,
All the machinery used upon the said colliery, as also the stock and utensils of every description - consisting of a lifting engine, of 20 horsepower, with boiler, winch, blocks, ropes, and all other necessary apparatus with 120 yards of 8 inch pumps in three lifts, working barrels, &c., &c., complete; also two winding engines, of 7 horsepower each, with tackle for the same, and a flat rope about 170 yards long, nearly new; a large quantity of iron rail-ways, turnings, partings, and sleepers, coal wagons, weighing machines, smiths anvil and bellows, a great variety of useful utensils and timber, suitable for coalworks; a thrashing machine; two well built Severn barges, in good repair, one called the Sarah Myton the other the Bridget, each 60 tons burthen with their masts, yards, sails, rigging, and requisite stores; a variety of spare articles suitable for barges, numerous tools for the use of colliery, kitchen range and grates, a draughting mare, two iron bookcases, writing desk, counting house fixtures, and innumerable other effects, which will be fully particularised in catalogues in due time of Mr.A.Knox, overseers of the works; at the George, Bewdley; Talbot, Cleobury Mortimer; Royal Hotel, Bridgenorth; Lion, Kidderminster; Lion, Wolverhampton; and of the auctioneer, Worcester.
The sale will commence at 10 o'clock each morning, on account of the great number of lots.
The engines and articles used in the colliery will be sold on Monday and Tuesday; the barges and articles connected there with, counting house fixtures &c., &c., on Wednesday.

Note large quantity of iron rail-ways, and other railway items