Aris's Gazette

MONDAY, 20th., APRIL, 1818


NOTICE is hereby given the the Committee of the intended Worcester Gas Light and Coke Company, are prepared to receive Tenders from any Persons who may wish to contract for the Works requisite for lighting the City of Worcester with Gas.
A Specification of the Works necessary may be seen at the Bank of Merrs. Berwick and Co. Worcester.
All Tenders must be delivered before the first Day of May next, sealed up, and indorsed “Tender for Worcester Gas Works,” under Cover to W. Wall, Esq. Old Bank, Worcester.

Worcester April 11 1818


TO be LET, and may be entered upon immediately, all those well arranged and valuable IRON WORKS, situated at Ape Dale in the County of Stafford, adjoining the Canal of the Representatives of the late Sir Nigel B. Gresley, bart. which by an inclined Plane or Railway of 200 Yards or thereabouts, opens a communication with the Grand Trunk Canal at Stoke-on-Trent; consisting of 2 Blast Furnaces, with a Blast Engine of ninty-Horse Power with brass Cylinder, Air Pump, Buckets, &c. very spacious and commodious Casting House, 2 large and convenient Moulding Rooms, Pit and Drying Stone, Smiths, Joiners and Mould-makers’ Shops, Warehouse, Counting House, Machine House, with 9 Workmens Dwellings if required, and all other necessary Appurtenances including extensive Wharves on the Canal, and Conveniences for Coke, Ironstone, Limestone, Hearths, &c.
Coals and Ironstone are of an excellent and approved Quality in Lands adjoining the Works, and may be got and delivered at any reasonable Expense, chiefly on a dry level.
Also a modern-built Dwelling House, with other necessary Conveniences, may be had for the Residence of a Partner or Manager, and a Farm, with suitable Outbuildings, and 106 Acres of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, or less if required.
For further Particulars Application to be made to Sir John E. Heathcote, of Longton Hall, near Newcastle; Thomas Sparrow, Esq. Newcastle; or to Mr. Benjamin Eardley, at Ape Dale aforesaid, who will shew the same.

Note railway of 200 yards length