Aris's Gazette

MONDAY, 30th., MARCH, 1818

Estates, Coal and Iron Works, at and near Billingsley Shropshire,

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, before the major Part of the Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded against George Stokes, late of Old Swinford, in the County of Worcester, Ironmaster, pursuant to an Order of the Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, at the Talbot Inn in Stourbridge, in the said County of Worcester, on Friday the 24th Day of April 1818, at Three o’clock in the Afternoon, in the following or such other Lots as the said Commissioners shall direct, and subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced.
LOT I. A Freehold Messuage or Farm House, with the Outbuildings, sixteen Dwelling Houses, and Gardens for Workmen, and several Pieces of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, called New England, situated in the Parish of Highley, in the County of Salop; containing by Estimation 47 Acres or thereabouts, now or of late in the Occupation of Mr. William Sheel and the Billingsley Company, their Tenants or under Tenants.
LOT II. A Freehold Messuage or Tenement with the Outbuildings, and several Pieces and Parcels of good Arable and Pasture Land thereunto belonging, called Scotts, situated in the Parish of Stotherton, otherwise in the said County of Salop, containing by estimation 46 Acres or thereabouts, now or late in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Rigley or his under tenants. This lot is considered to abound with Coal and Ironstone of excellent Quality.
LOT III. The Materials of two Blast Furnaces and one Air Furnace, one Blast Engine working Cylinder 56 Inches diameter, with and extra Piston, two Boilers, cast Metal Beam, Pipes and other Appurtenances.
LOT IV. One large Steam Engine for unwatering mines, with two Boilers, working Cylinders 38 Inches diameter, Wood Beam, Pipe and other Appurtenances.
LOT V. Two double and one single Horse Gins.
LOT VI. The Materials of one newly erected Dwelling House, and of several Warehouses, Bridgehouses, Casting-houses, Carpenters and Blacksmiths Shops, and various other Buildings; a Quantity of Railway Waggons, Quantity of Wood Patterns, Fire Clay and common Bricks.
The four last Lots are in the Coal and Iron Works and at Billingsley aforesaid.
LOT VII. About 50 Tons of cast Iron Rails, Sleepers, &c. now upon a Rail Road connecting the said works with the River Severn, from the inclined Plane to the River, in Extent about two Miles and a Half, about 1000 Tons of red Ironstone, and about 30 Tons of Limestone, now lying upon the banks of the River severn.
The above Estate and Works are well situated about 7 Miles from Bridgnorth, 6 Miles from Bewdley and Cleobury Mortimer, and 4 Miles from the River Severn.
The is Reason to believe that Lord Darlington, the Proprietor of the Works, would be induced to grant beneficial Lease of them to a reasonable Tenant, whom the above Property would be peculiarly desirable.
Mr. Rigby, at the Scotts Farm, will shew the Whole, and any further Information may be had from him, or on Application to Mr. Robins, Solicitors, in Stourbridge; to Mr. Fisher, Solicitor or to Mr. Brookes, Solicitor, both of Newport, Shropshire.

Note reference to Railway Waggons,
Cast Iron Rails & Rail Road of 2.5 miles length