Aris's Gazette

MONDAY, 2nd., FEBRUARY, 1818

Shares in the Coseley New Colliery and Coseley Iron Works.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. Court (by orders of the Assignees of the Estate of George Stokes, late of Old Swinford, in the County of Worcester, Ironmaster, a Bankrupt) at the Dudley Arms Inn, in Dudley, in the said County of Worcester, on Wednesday the 25th Day of February, at Three-o’Clock in the Afternoon;—one undivided fourth Share of the Coseley New Colliery, and one undivided fourth Share of the Coseley Iron Works. Each of these Shares will be offered by its self, or into equal shares.
Further Particulars will appear in a future Paper, and my be obtained after the ninth inst. by Application to the Auctioneers; to Mr. David Smith, at the colliery; Mr. Stephens, at the Iron Works, Mr. Robins, Solicitor, Stourbridge, and Mr. Corrie, or Mr. Simcox, Solicitors, Birmingham.

Freehold Premises, in Stourbridge.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by G. ALLEN, at the Talbot Hotel, in Stourbridge, in the County of Worcester, on Friday the 27th of February inst. at Four-o’Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced;—
LOT I. All that Dwelling House, with the Appurtenance, situated in Coventry Street, in Stourbridge, aforesaid, now in the Possession of Mrs Westwood, widow.
LOT II. Also all that other Dwelling House, situated in the High Street, in Stourbridge aforesaid, lately know by the Name or Sign of the OLD SERJENT, late in the Possession of the Widow Perks, deceased, but now untenanted, with the Buildings, and small Yard, about 70 square Feet, more or less, thereto adjoining and belonging, the Brewhouse whereof hath been converted into a small Tenement, and now in the Possession of — Palmer, Shoe-maker.
There is a Road or Passage leading from the High Street aforesaid to the back Part of the last Lot.
For further Particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Robins, Attorney, Kinver.