Aris's Gazette

MONDAY, 5th., JANUARY, 1818


TO be SOLD by AUCTION by R. WALKER at the Swan Hotel, in Wolverhampton, in the County of Stafford, on Tuesday 27th Day of January, 1818, at Four o’Clock in the Afternoon. Subject to such Conditions as will then be produced and in such Lots as shall then be agreed upon;—51 shares in 171 (being nearly one-third) of and in all that very valuable and desirable Colliery, called the TIPTON MOAT COLLIERY, situated in the Parish of Tipton, in the said County of Staffordshire; consisting of 171 Acres of the thick or main Coal, of which about 100 Acres remain ungotten; and of and in the Whole of the lower Mines of Coal and Ironstone under the same Estate; and of two powerful Water Engines, Whimsies, Rail Roads, Waggons, Ropes, and Gins, and other Colliery Implements appertaining thereto, and of all Debts due and owing to the said Concern.

The colliery is now in full Work, is capable of producing upwards of 1500 Tons of Coal per Week, and is situated in the Centre of the Staffordshire Iron Works.

The Birmingham Canal Navigation runs through the Whole of the Estate, which is held by Lease, of which upwards of 100 Years remain unexpired, and such Part of the original Purchase Money as still remains due is payable by easy Instalments. The thick or main Coal is proved all round the Estate to be of very superior Quality, and the lower Mines of Coal and Ironstone have also been sunk through and proved to be regular. The Water Engine is capable of drawing off all the present Water in eight Hours out of the twenty-four, and of contending against any Water that can possibly effect the Colliery.

Mr. Turton will, on Application to him, shew the Colliery, and for further Information apply to him or to William James, Esq. New Boswell Court, Messrs. Swaine, Stevens, Maples, Pearse, and Hunt, Old Jury, London; to Messrs Spurrier and Ingleby, Solicitors, in Birmingham; or to Mr. Corser, Attorney, at his Office in Wolverhampton, aforesaid.




TO be LET, and entered upon at CHRISTMAS NEXT, all those desirable Premises, called the MONMOUTH FORGES, situated on the River Monnow, and distant about Half a Mile from the Town of Monmouth; consisting of two Forges, with Blowing Machinery and Utensils complete to the Hammer; together with 15 Workmen’s Houses, and about 20 Acres of rich MEADOW LAND.

These Works have been employed from Time immemorial in the making of Charcoal Iron, for which they have ever been considered to possess peculiar Advantages; the Supply of Water being abundant at all Seasons, and the Neighbourhood affording an unlimited Quantity of Cord Wood (with Coals and Coke from the Forest of Dean) on the most advantageous terms; and their vicinity to the navigable Rivers Wye and Severn, opening a Communication with all Parts of the Kingdom, particularly with the Coke Iron Furnaces of Wales.

The Works are in every respect in a going State, and ready for immediate use.

For seeing the Works apply to Mr. John Turley on the Premises; and further Particulars may be had on Application to Mr. Wyatt, at Troy House near Monmouth.



TO be SOLD by AUCTION by RANDLE WALKER, at the Hotel in Dudley, in the County of Worcester, on Wednesday the 28th Day of January inst. at Four-o’Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will then be produced;—all the Mines, Veins or Strata of Coal, now remaining ungotten in and under all those several messuages or Tenements, with the Outbuildings and Appurtenances thereto belonging and also in and under all those three several Closes of land adjoining, or near adjoining to the said Messuages and called the Meaplands, containing together Admeasurement of 9 Acres, or thereabouts, and now in the Occupation of Benjamin Whitaker and his under Tenants.

The above Premises are situate at Brockmoor, near Stourbridge, and the Stourbridge Canal runs through the same.

The Mines are dry and in good Neighbourhood, and the Pits are already sunk through the Coal.

The Tenants will shew the Property, and for further Particulars apply to Mr. Turton, at West Bromwich; to Messrs. Spurrier and Ingleby, Solicitors, in Birmingham; or to Mr. Corser, Solicitors, at his Office in Wolverhampton.


Note reference to Rail Road in first advertisement